When Sports Enthusiasm meets Artificial Intelligence

People with a common interest naturally come together to share their passion. Use the power of sports and the leverage of AI to build and strengthen your community.


Let’s use the passion of sports to reach your communities!

Fanciety offers a digital white label solution linked to recurring sports events to keep your communities engaged and satisfied.



In your branded App users play and interact.

No matter what industry or business, we adapt your identity according to your ideas. From in-app design to the icon on your customers’ smartphones.

Reach your customers and build a strong community.

Establish your branded space in Fanciety® where people can share their passion. Use previously untapped potential to engage your customers in innovative ways.


AI-targeted messages reach every customer.

With Fanciety you identify the best moment to activate every single customer individually. Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver messages when it really matters.


Anyone can do it - match result prediction easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Fanciety's unique and innovative feedback-based prediction algorithm allows you to engage your customers. Use great incentives and prizes to reward and motivate your communities.


The KPI-based Dashboard gives you real-time access to your communities.

Your personal dashboard shows you all relevant KPI’s of your Fanciety. Monitor the receptiveness of your community and each of your customers. The perfect way to respond to individual needs

Your Fanciety features

Fanciety® provides a solution for everyone. From a simple casual gaming application to a comprehensive engagement solution with customized branding and deep data analytics.

Branded App Space
Various Sports
Match Prediction
Inclusive Feedback Algorithm
AI-targeted Messages
Realtime Analytics
Social Chat

Try the passion of sport!

Download the app and try it out.

Partners & Customers

Your booking options

Fanciety® Basic

  • checkexclusive branded app
  • checkup to 1.000 users
  • checkKPI-based dashboard
  • checktwo AI-targeted messages
  • checkadditional AI-targeted messages 5ct/user (only charged if successfully delivered)
Monthly price


Fanciety® Professional

  • checkexclusive branded app
  • checkup to 5.000 users
  • checkKPI-based dashboard
  • checkfour AI-targeted messages
  • checkadditional AI-targeted messages 3ct/user (only charged if successfully delivered)
Monthly price


Fanciety® Premium

  • checkexclusive branded app
  • checkup to 20.000 users
  • checkKPI-based dashboard
  • checksix AI-targeted messages
  • checkadditional AI-targeted messages 1ct/user (only charged if successfully delivered)
Monthly price


*10% discount for annual payment

Fanciety Media


German Accelerator - Japan Market Discovery Program

Fanciety is selected as one of 10 start-ups for the Japan Market Access Program of the German Accelerator


Erlebe McKinsey - Der Podcast

Shareholders and partners of Fanciety discuss high-performance sports and start-ups in the McKinsey Podcast


SPOBIS - SAP Arena in Mannheim

Exclusive interview with Founder & CEO Dr. Björn Michaelis at the SAP Arena Mannheim

Management team


Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Prof. Dr. Sven Lindberg

Founder & Chief Product Officer


Jannis Haker

Chief Technology Officer


Max Weiß

Head of Sales


Florian Kühn

Head of Customer Relations


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